Energy Meter CT's
Linear Transformers

We provide an extensive
range of Linear Transformers
from R-core to EI and
Toroidal to
Current transformers.

Telecom Transformers

We manufacture Telecom
and Data Transformers
of highest quality standards
and design efficient
and cost effective
solutions for customers.

Standard Line Transformers

We provide Standard Line
Transformers for both
R-core and Toroidal Models.
These are available for
9/18V output, 12/24V
output and 115/230V output.


Shilchar Technologies Ltd. manufactures Energy Meter CT's using Ferrite toroidal shape cores. These CT's are used in Electronic Energy meters of various current capacities.


  • Manufactured on special automatic winding machines to ensure precise number of turns (Error in number of turns< 0.5%)
  • Suitable for class 1 applications

Available in ratio specification of

  • 5-20 A
  • 10-30 A
  • 10-40 A
  • 10-60 A

Available with special features like-

  • With flying leads
  • PCB mountable
  • With casing (customized)
  • Without casing
  • Resin molded/coated
  • With shielding, etc.

100% testing of CT's coils is done for:

  • Inductance
  • Resistance
  • Turns ratio
  • Linearity
  • DC immunity